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The attorneys at Weinstein & Black are skilled in their handling of landlord/tenant matters and the representation of clients involved in the leasing, management and operation of commercial properties.  Our clients include national, regional and local owners, developers and managers of all forms of commercial property.  We offer a full range of lease-related services and legal support for property management providers, including review, negotiation and preparation of leases and management contracts.

When a party to a lease fails to meet its obligations, it is vital that you get professional legal assistance from an attorney well versed in the complexities of Georgia landlord/tenant law.  The attorneys at Weinstein & Black are adept landlord/tenant litigators who can assist you with your questions regarding nonpayment of rent, damage to property, breach of lease, eviction, and numerous other issues faced by both landlord and tenants.  Our representation of both landlords and tenants provides us with a unique understanding of the other side’s perspective.

Insurance Coverage

At Weinstein & Black we believe that if you have a homeowners or commercial property insurance claim, whether it is due to fire damage, water damage, wind damage, theft, vandalism, or any other cause of loss, and it should be paid according to the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, then it needs to be paid appropriately. Along those lines, we represent individuals and businesses when they have homeowners or property insurance claims.

Our representation may be at the beginning, in the middle, or after a claim has been denied. If we are hired during a claim, we will work to ensure your claim is covered and will also help ensure your claim gets paid appropriately. In addition, if applicable, we will represent you at an Examination Under Oath and during an investigation by the insurance company. Furthermore, if your claim has been denied, whether for alleged material misrepresentation or a perceived exclusion in your insurance policy, we will commence litigation against your insurance company, including, but not limited to, Allstate, State Farm, Travelers, Auto Owners and Georgia Farm Bureau. And if available, we will pursue bad faith penalties.

Family Law

We know that how you divorce matters. That’s why we strive to help our clients divorce or separate in a peaceful and productive manner. With our alternative dispute resolution strategies that do not involve litigation, you can move through your divorce with fewer costs, less time, and decreased animosity.

Child Custody and Parenting Agreements
Our goal at Weinstein & Black, is to assist you in creating a child custody and parenting plan that reflects the realities of your family’s situation and focuses on your children’s best interests.
Will the children do best living primarily with one parent, or would it be best if they lived with each parent an equal amount of time? How will decisions be made about their education, medical care, activities and more? What will happen if a parent needs to relocate? These are just a few of the questions that need to be addressed, and the answers will be different for each family.

Child Support
One of the most challenging parts of negotiating the correct amount of child support is determining a parent’s actual income. For example, when a parent is self-employed, they may receive business perks that need to be calculated into the personal income. In more complicated cases, we may suggest retaining a forensic accountant to help determine a parent’s actual income.

Spousal Support
The issue of spousal support is often a challenging aspect of the divorce or separation process. In addition to the obvious financial concerns that arise, there are many emotions associated with paying or receiving spousal support. We aim to help our clients structure realistic spousal support plans that will allow them to move forward with a sense of financial and emotional security, regardless of whether they are the party paying or receiving support.

Estate Planning & Wills


Weinstein & Black offers you and your family decades of experience and a reputation of true compassion. Our highly skilled estate administration and probate attorneys will explain all the tools that are at your disposal including: Wills, Trusts, Charitable Planning, Living Wills, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, Family Limited Partnerships, Testamentary Trusts, and more. We offer sound legal counsel, and we can tailor your planning needs to suit your unique situation.


If you were to suddenly fall ill or die unexpectedly it would leave your family members in a distressed emotional state. Your spouse or children would be left with the task of putting your affairs in order while coping with their own grief. However, when you plan for the future by putting your affairs in good order, you relieve your beloved family members of undue stress and guesswork. There may also be times when you need to modify the documents that you previously put in place due to changes in your life. If you are alive and of sound mind, you are legally allowed to update your Will and some of your trusts. The attorneys at Weinstein & Black are skilled in handling the creation or modification of any estate needs you may have.


If you have been left as the administrator or executor of a loved one’s estate, you may have very little time to grieve for your loss. If a person has no Will or Trust, has only a Will, or has a Trust that has not been properly funded, it often requires the probate process. The executor is left coping with their emotional loss while also dealing with the reality of practical, financial situations. The combination of the complexity of probate and a mind struggling with loss can easily lead to a critical mistake. We are here to be a resource for you.

Criminal Law

An arrest can be a devastating event in your life with immediate threats to liberty, livelihood and reputation, as well as your peace of mind and emotional well-being. Our skilled and aggressive defense lawyers are committed to protecting you at every step.

At Weinstein & Black, LLC, we understand how important it is for you to have total confidence not only in our ability as attorneys, but also in our unshakable commitment to help and protect you. We will treat you with nothing less than respect and understanding no matter the charges against you. We guarantee you will receive a strong legal defense of the highest quality.

Government Affairs

Businesses today are faced with issues, concerns and opportunities that can be impacted significantly by changing government regulation and legislation. At Weinstein & Black we know the ability to understand, comply with and influence law is critical to economic success, public perception and market growth. Our firm understands the many ways in which businesses and individuals come into contact with local, state, & federal government, and recognizes that these interactions are not always favorable to our clients. Our team also has the knowledge and experience to assist leaders in business, political office, candidates for political office, and other political entities to achieve desired outcomes.

Areas of Service

Government Affairs

  • Legislation
  • Constitutional challenges and litigation (state and federal)
  • Public policy
  • Regulated industries
  • State and local government relations
  • Licensing
  • Government investigations

Political Law

  • Election law
  • Fundraising
  • Petitions, ballots, “clean elections,” electioneering
  • Financial compliance
  • Initiative and referenda
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Media and First Amendment
  • Redistricting

Administrative Agencies

  • Federal, state and local agency interface
  • Licensing
  • Zoning
  • Land use restrictions
  • Government contracts and procurement
  • Bid protests


Corporate Law

Whether it is forming a company, drafting contracts, helping buy and sell businesses, or assisting in financial transactions, the attorneys at Weinstein & Black can provide assistance. We first listen to the objectives of our clients and then we help them achieve those objectives.  At Weinstein & Black, we consider ourselves partners with our clients. And while we certainly advise our clients on all aspects of the transaction, we are careful not to over-lawyer, as oftentimes that can be an obstacle to achieving a desired outcome.

Personal Injury

At Weinstein & Black, our experienced personal injury lawyers understand the complexities involved with personal injury cases, as well as the importance of presenting adequate supporting evidence. We will work with you to compile the necessary documentation and we will consult with medical experts, as necessary, so that we can effectively pursue your personal injury claim. Our lawyers are dedicated to getting clients the most favorable recovery possible, whether filing a personal injury lawsuit, submitting a claim for worker’s compensation or requesting social security disability.