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James Elliott

James Elliott is an accomplished Georgia attorney and versatile legal practitioner dedicated to serving his clients individual needs. With James’s deep-rooted commitment to justice and unwavering dedication to his clients, James draws on his wealth of experience to provide well-rounded and diligent legal representation.

James was admitted to the Georgia Bar in 2020 but his journey to the legal profession was shaped by diverse life experiences that have equipped him to excel in his legal practice. James served in the Marine Corps, where he served in Iraq—his time in the Marine Corps fostered his sense of dedication, duty, and discipline. After his honorable discharge from the Marine Corps, James pursued higher education at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas where he earned a degree in Organizational Management. His thirst for knowledge and justice led him to attend Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree.

Before joining Weinstein and Black, James honed his advocacy and legal skills through working with a prominent DUI and Criminal Defense firm and as an indigent defense attorney in Gwinnett County. In his previous roles, he developed a robust understanding of the legal system while championing the rights of those in need.

Able to draw from a wealth of experiences, James Elliott blends his legal acumen with empathy for his clients and an intense desire to see justice done. His unique background allows him to view legal challenges through multifaceted lenses which allows him to craft innovative solutions tailored to each client’s needs. James’s dynamic skill set, and unwavering dedication set him apart as an exceptional advocate and counselor.

As you face legal hurdles, rest assured that James Elliott is not just an attorney but a steadfast ally who will champion your rights with unparalleled fervor and unwavering commitment.

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